Prasanna Hospital Linen

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Prasanna Hospital Linen (PHL) is a leading Hospital Services solutions enterprise based in Orange city, Nagpur with two branches in Pune & Mumbai’s satellite town, Thane.
PHL is in the business of manufacturing and supplying hospital linen for over two decades and is the established player catering to many hospitals in Central India. PHL has a deep understanding of needs and requirements of various segments of health care industry and cater to each segment in a unique and quality conscious manner.
PHL has a range of products targeted for varying needs of Healthcare sector which includes Medical Professionals, Patients, Hospital scrub wear for staff, Doctors, Medical Students, Operation theatre instrument covers, pharmaceuticals companies etc. To view a complete list of the products click here.
PHL’s commitment to quality is evident from the elite list of customer and the long standing relation with them over the last several years. PHL sources the cloth directly from reliable mills and distributors which is treated with a special process to withstand the heavy duty washing required in hospitals. PHL has a team of trained and highly skilled professionals to produce the finished goods as per customer’s expectation.